States Development Football League and CAP Corporation Partner to Implement the CAP Concussion Prevention, Testing, Brain Repair and Education Programs

Calgary, Alberta and Houston, Texas – October 2nd, 2018 – CAP Corporation (CAP) and the States Development Football League (SDFL) announced today their partnership to offer the CAP Concussion Prevention Testing, Training, Brain Repair and online educational programs to SDFL athletes. 

The SDFL was formed in 2012 by a team of veteran NFL players, world class Olympic athletes, and business professionals with a unique vision. Their model goes far beyond just focusing on the physical aspects of game play, it also offers education to develop well-rounded athletes who will have successful careers long after their cleats have been hung up. The new, combined program, which will be launched at the SDFL Pacific West Divisional Combine in Oakland California November 3rd, will expand into Canada and internationally.  

“This partnership will allow the SDFL to further solidify itself as one of the safest Professional Developmental Football Platforms worldwide! The focus is on being proactive instead of reactive regarding concussion prevention, awareness, and ultimately reduction! This technology, along with our existing helmet, chin strap, and mouthpiece partnerships will assert the SDFL as a leader in athlete safety”, stated Garrick Jones, Commissioner and CEO.

Kim Adolphe, CAP CEO added, “We are excited and honored to partner with the SDFL and work alongside their incredible team to achieve our mutual goals empowering athletes to reduce their risk of concussions through training and education and lead successful and healthy lives.”

About CAP Corporation

CAP was founded on the principle that preventing concussions is about changing the athlete, not the sport.  The CAP technology and patented RAM machine is the ONLY solution in the world that is clinically validated to safely test the risk of sustaining concussions and, prevent them from occurring. CAP also offers a Brain Repair Program that uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and therapies.  CAP dedicates 20% of revenues towards funding amateur sports, nonprofits, and concussion research working closely with leading scientists at Universities, Government, and Private Institutes.

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