A new developmental football program with a revolutionary purpose: to prepare
our athletes for future success -- on and off the field. The SDFL program combines league-based professional football with programs designed to equip our players with skills they will need to be successful in their post-football lives.




“I have been running with the SDFL since 2014 and every year they get stronger and stronger! I am still in the hunt for my NFL shot but I know that if that never happens, I’ll be in a great place as an entrepreneur with ownership of a team on my mind!”

Zavier Steward

Zavier Steward

“The SDFL was there for me when I needed them! They helped me get back into college to finish my playing career and worked toward a degree. I was even able to be in movies and commercials because of SDFLCASTING!”

Tyson “TANK” Gonzales

Tyson “TANK” Gonzales

All women want is the opportunity to take care of their families financially while they play football! I believe the WSDFL will be the answer that we have finally been waiting for.

Rita Mason

Rita Mason

Zavier StewardTyson “TANK” GonzalesRita Mason



SDFL’s mission extends far beyond the whistle.
We offer programs that equip our athletes for success --
on and off the field. The SDFL has been in operation since 2012, carefully beta testing each aspect of our league to ensure feasibility and a high-quality experience for our players, their families, and our fans alike!
Now, we’re ready to launch the very first full season of SDFL football in 2020. From there, we’ll work on expanding the SDFL league and it's divisions to new cities each year, with a goal of hitting 20 teams in 2023.

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