1. What is the difference between the States Developmental Football League and other leagues or semi pro organizations?


The S.D.F.L. is a true legacy league! Meaning that the knowledge that our athletes, their families, and fans will learn will be past down from generation to generation!  The emphasis is on developing these athletes skills overall so they as a people will be a success on and off the field! We will have end of the season awards but, championships, and championship rings are not the focal point of the S.D.F.L.! Our numbers will be low in order to make sure that our athletes get the guidance they need. With our league only having eight teams for 2018 there will only be 360 spots open for players during the season. Just like the NFL,CFL, and AFL the S.D.F.L. will not have room for every athlete.

What sets our program apart is the fact that each and every athlete will be evaluated and assessed regarding their ability to function in business, and on the field. These assessments will be packaged and submitted to area business the same way they would be submitted to scouts, and professional teams. Other ways that the S.D.F.L. will be a mainstay for years to come is, the fact that our athletes, coaches, and strategic partners can benefit monetarily from the the various income streams that have been set up throughout the league! The dream to make it to the NFL is one thing, but the dream to be successful after the lights is what the S.D.F.L. is all about.

2. How many teams will be in this league?
The States Developmental Football League will consist of 8 teams. There teams will be Team Arkansas Little Rock, Team Arkansas Fayetteville, Team Texas Houston, and Team Texas Austin, Team North Carolina Charlotte, Team North Carolina Raleigh, Team South Carolina Columbia, and Team South Carolina Greenville. The States Developmental Football League vows to work with all leagues and will not compete with any other leagues in route to our goals. The establishment of S.D.FL teams will be driven by community support in strategically located areas across the USA. Community + Free Enterprise will be the backbone of the S.D.F.L.

3. Where will S.D.F.L. games be played?  The S.D.F.L. will seek to play League games at municipal stadiums or college campus’s that reflect the local traditions, aesthetics, size and location of every state.

4. What is the S.D.F.L.’s vision?  The S.D.F.L.’s vision is to focus on personal, professional, and community development on and off the field!
By incorporating finance and business principals, while nurturing football skill sets of our athletes, everyone associated with the S.D.F.L. will have a fighting chance in society after the game on the field is over!

5 .What type of people are the S.D.F.L. looking for to help the league grow and develop?  The S.D.F.L. is looking for people that want to advance to the next level in all that do. Not only do we want great athletes but, we want great people in key positions in order for us all to make that transition.

6. Who owns the teams in the S.D.F.L.?  The teams are owned by the S.D.F.L. and will be licensed to individual owners who operate separate and distinct team entities under the S.D.F.L. umbrella.

7. When does your season begin?  October 2018 the SDFL will begin our exhibition season with our Cancer initiative games.

8. What is the goal of the S.D.F.L.?  The S.D.F.L.’s goal is to fulfill an Opportunity for advancement to the Next Level in Pro Football and in business. By establishing a States Developmental Football season, players and coaches will receive optimal exposure in regards to professional player scouts, and organizations, tracking their training and development.

9. Where will your players come from?  S.D.F.L. players will be coming from various colleges and universities throughout all divisions of collegiate football.

10. Will your players have a chance to play in the NFL and CFL?  The S.D.F.L. will strive to be the premier domestic player allocation system for NFL / CFL teams.

11. What about the players who are not finished with their college education when the S.D.F.L. season begins?  Many colleges and university athletic programs have systems in-place for athletes, which give them the ability to graduate early. This may include non-traditional semesters summer or winter courses, remote courses or online classes that are methods available for athletes provided with an opportunity to graduate early. The S.D.F.L. will always promote graduation and will take proactive measures in seeing that this goal is obtained. Because the SDFL does not pay the athletes themselves, they will be able to keep their college eligibility.

12. What are your rules like?  The S.D.F.L. follows standard NFL , professional rules and guidelines.

13. Will the league have a commissioner?  The S.D.F.L. has elected to appoint Garrick Jones as league commissioner. A veteran of the NFL, CFL, and IFL Garrick has the qualifications and background needed to take the league in a successful direction.

14. What makes the S.D.F.L. different from other leagues that have made attempts to establish themselves as professional football leagues?  The S.D.F.L. is an ON ASSIGNMENT league. This means that our athletes, agents, and scouts that we have connections with understand that development and reps are vital for advancement. Free Enterprise plus the sport of Football will insure that our athletes will thrive on and off the field.

15. As a player how will the S.D.F.L. benefit me?  As a player, your job is to be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things in order to take your career to the next level. With the S.D.F.L. you will be put in position off the field, to be in business for yourself. The business programs and principals you will learn from the S.D.F.L. will be passed down from generation to generation.

The States Developmental Football League is the aspiring professional athlete’s single source for all the tools and services you need to help you succeed in your journey to becoming the pro athlete you have dreamed of! On the field, you will learn how to be a professional. You will be presented as a professional. You will become a professional. Below are some of the areas in addition to the field we focus on!

  • Career Development
  • Financial Planning
  • Insurance Strategies
  • Accounting & Budgeting
  • Tax Services & Consulting
  • Player Development
  • Life Coaching
  • Player Mentoring
  • Combine/Tryout Preparation

16. As an agent representing players, how will the S.D.F.L. be beneficial?

Being a sports agent, you know that the NFL, CFL, & AFL can’t house every athlete that wants a shot. Getting quality repetitions that the majors take seriously is hard to come by. With the S.D.F.L. your clients will have the opportunity to be coached and mentored by athletes that have played the game at the highest level. Our game schedule will be beneficial for your client by giving the athletes enough time between games to heal, get quality reps with the NFL, CFL, and AFL rules of play, prepare for actual tryouts with CFL & NFL teams, play different positions in order to show more diversity to scouts in these leagues, and also get the film needed to market and promote these athletes correctly. The S.D.F.L. will take our process even further by creating PLAYER PROFILES for our athletes which detail up to 16 character traits including aptitude.  It is much easier to sell the fact that your client has been active in the pursuit of their professional career with mentors who have been where they are trying to go. The States Developmental Football League takes the burden off of the agentThe S.D.F.L. works closely with sports agents to help ensure their athletes get the vital services they need to not only adapt, but to thrive in the high-profile life of a pro athlete or business man.

Your clients will have access to but not limited to:

Accounting & Budgeting Services
Bill Pay & Record Keeping Services
Financial & Retirement Planning
Life Coaching & Player Mentoring
Tax Strategy & Preparation Service
Physical & Mental Assessments

17. As a team/coach/scout for the NFL or CFL, what are the positives of the S.D.F.L.?

Each year teams go into training camp with more bodies then they can use at the start of the regular season! The majority of the athletes that are cut are great athletes, but didn’t have a real chance because of the numbers game. As a Team/Coach/Scout some of these athletes you may have wanted to keep around but, couldn’t because of this situation. The S.D.F.L. is here to give those bubble athletes the chance to come and develop on and off the field. So while your season is going on, and injuries hit, or extra roster spots open up, your diamond in the rough is ready to be called up! We evaluate each and every athlete with detail reports on progress according to what you feel they need to work on in order to make it to the next level. You now have a feeder system in place to help with development of talent with the S.D.F.L.!

18. How will the SDFL benefit the local communities?
The States Developmental Football League Community Development Corporation is the Non Profit leg of the SDFL in which we intend to promote financial literacy and entrepreneurship. All of the tools that the SDFL will utilize for the athletes will be made available to our local communities. We will work to build social awareness, build new businesses, promote growth, and overall health and vitality of the community.

19. Will I be able to tryout for a team even if I am from another state?  The answer is yes!

20. What age are the athletes in your league?  18 – 30 years of age.

21. What if I’m not in a state that the S.D.F.L. has a team currently?  That means that you will be eligible to play for the team closet to your state as the S.D.F.L. expands into your market!

22. Will athletes be housed and payed during the S.D.F.L. season.  There will be housing options for all the athletes that come to play for our teams ranging from host families to apartment lease options for players.. Our teams are strategically placed in areas where jobs will be plentiful and the cost of living will be on target for the S.D.F.L.’s players.

Our Teams will work hand and hand with our athletes to secure employment that will allow them to live and learn while with the S.D.F.L.

In regards to pay, the S.D.F.L. will not pay our athletes to maintain our amateur status. Our athletes will be rewarded with the opportunity to earn shares of the SDFL and additional income monthly, quarterly, and yearly as well! Our athletes will also have the opportunity for profit sharing for each home game with the sale of game tickets! The more you do, the more can make.

22. Will there be fees associated with playing for the S.D.F.L.?

Yes there is a price to pay to be apart of the S.D.F.L.!  Each player will be required to pay $350.00 Per S.D.F.L. Season

Fee Breakdown:

Tryout per player is $60.00 cash the day of the tryout or $65.00 online. Remaining balance will be broken up into 5 monthly payments of $58.00 @ seasons start if you are chosen for an SDFL team.

Every athlete that tries out for the SDFL will receive 1 share of SDFL stock! 


Your Fees Go Toward:

Athlete enrollment in S.D.F.L. League And Player Development Programs – Game film: 3 Angles 2 Tight 1 Wide of Each Contest – Combine Specific Training – League Wide Player Assessments “EQUILIBRIA” – Testing & Scouting – Player Scouting Report – End of season game highlights. “WEEDITSPORTSUSA” – Placement in the SDFLCasting program. “SDFLCASTING” – Access to all 25 S.D.F.L. REVENUE programs – Financial Planning Services – Life Lock “FES” – Discount Shopping “FES” – Player Insurance – Home ownership programs “GET THAT DEED” – Credit repair programs – Financial literacy programs “FINANCIAL FITNESS” – Investment programs – SDFL STOCK…
“Nothing Comes To Sleepers But Dreams”