“If we put our athletes on the field in helmets we knew didn’t work, we are no better than the rest of the leagues. Football is temporary, but concussions don’t go away. Ask my kids what it’s like to finish the majority of their daddy’s sentences! Stated Garrick Jones Co- Founder and Commissioner of the States Developmental football League. A seasoned veteran of professional football, Mr. Jones has seen and felt is personal share of diminished attributes because of the sport of football. Jones went on to say, “we may not be able to end concussions all together but we will reduce the chances of them, and that’s something that has to happen right now.”


The States Developmental Football League has partnered with Impact Sports LLC in regards to the helmets that the SDFL athletes will wear for their sanctioned seasons. Along with concussion reduction chinstraps, mouth pieces, and helmet liners the SDFL feels it will help place the player safety at the forefront where it should’ve been in the first place. “The damage to myself and so many other athletes has been done, and can’t be reversed, but I will be damned if don’t help those after us.” Added and emotional Jones!

Safer helmets are coming!! Chris Leak Garrick Jones Matt Walker Jeff Heinrich David Crail Jon Alan Smith Michael Thompson Glenda Greenwood Greg Wieczerza Gilles Lamarche Dc Bill Ragone Johnathan Harsdorf Kevin Grundstrom for details or to get involved!!

Posted by Joshua Cleveland on Friday, July 6, 2018

3d printing a revised part on our IMPACT Helmet! A great way to see changes made, test and approve for manufacture!

Posted by Joshua Cleveland on Sunday, October 1, 2017

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