Solutions to every problem!

We are a solution based organization that is aware of the worlds problems. The bottom line, and almighty dollar is not always the answer….. However, love, compassion, teaching, and education are a good start to the healing process! During and after our seasons, we will have initiatives that deal with real life problems on and off the field. We will touch everything from the social climate, to our cancer awareness initiatives! Starting in October we will begin our leagues journey toward our purpose! When you do things for the right reasons the money will come! When you believe in yourself and your product you will take care of your family for life as well as others. The SDFL is not a hobby… The SDFL is a way of life! New website, new movements, still blazing our own trails! More info coming soon… hashtagSDFLRELOADED hashtagCANCERSUCKS hashtagOVARIANCANCER hashtagBREASTCANCER hashtagPANCREATICCANCER hashtagB4AC hashtagTACKLES4TEAL hashtagPLAYS4PURPLE


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