Eliminating All Excuses….


Last year, 16,175 college football players were eligible for the NFL draft. Only 256 of them were drafted. When it comes to playing professional football, to say the odds are stacked against you is a gross understatement. There is a legitimate need for developmental football in the U.S. With our knowledge of the game coupled with our knowledge of business, we have the formula for success on and off the field.


The States Developmental Football League’s key principals are professional development on and off the field. Our athletes, cheer teams, and staff as a whole will have the opportunity to be prepared in business so that once the regulation game is over they have a fighting chance. We place emphasis on the areas the other leagues don’t. Those areas we speak of, are business and financial literacy. The components of business, laced with financial teachings are paramount for our athletes, as the game of football is a brief blurb compared to life after football.


College football is the most obvious, direct, route into the NFL. It’s often derided as a simple pipeline, but it has the resources to provide scholarships, opportunities, and support to a great many student-athletes. The prospect of going to the pros, in addition to those resources, is the carrot that helps draw these students in, while the NFL, which maintains a strong trust in these college programs, has the ability to examine and vet potential draft picks. NFL coaches can call their college counterparts for updates about players, or more importantly, for film of them. But for all the potential exposure, for all the time and commitment given by these players to the sport, only 1.6% of seniors will play at the next level. The 98.4% of athletes that don’t make it to the next level are in fact, the SDFL’s target market!


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