The SDFL is a legacy league…

16K athletes yearly are draft eligible. Only 256 get that call during the hashtagNFL draft. Less than 1% of all athletes make it to the NFL! The moral of the story is this! There will always be more free agents than actual leagues… The fact there are more than a dozen or so leagues that come and go every few years is a hard pill for athletes to swallow. As athletes you’re placed last in these leagues equations until you begin putting yourselves first! That means your safety, your education, your brand, your overall business sense, and finally your legacy! If the league you are considering does not focus on any of these principles, it pretty much is self explanatory. I personally have played at every level there is to play and all the leagues had one common factor, the players or product came last. You only have a small window to physically play professionally, but you have a lifetime to benefit from what the SDFL offers! We are a legacy league and will be here because the players need us more than you hate us!

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  • Adam Brown
    Posted June 21, 2017 3:12 pm

    Great article. Thank you for your post, it helps me to development my work.

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