S.D.F.L. Opens International Door For Development

The States Developmental Football League along with Mr. Felipe Pereira have come to terms regarding International relations and the S.D.F.L. The primary focus will be bridging the gap between the United States and the country of Brazil regarding development and, game play of American Football. This deal will open more doors to international opportunities for football communities worldwide.

With the exploding popularity of American football in Brazil, which has been dominated by football (Soccer) for generations, this will prove to be a great starting point for Brazilian players in reference to true American Football development. The S.D.F.L. prides itself on working with athletes to teach them about the business of professional football while developing their on the field skill sets. ” Our process will be similar to the one we use here in the U.S.” said Commissioner Garrick Jones. ” These athletes have a ton of talent that just needs to be polished, while teaching them how to make money marketing and promoting themselves ” Jones went on to say.

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