NFL Draft Eligible Players yearly, with less than 1% of all athletes making it!



The differentiation which sets the SDFL apart from other football leagues is our 70/30 rule. 70% of the SDFL's focus is on education, personal development, business acumen, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, influencing which leads to monetization of personal brands, and most importantly community/economic development! The other 30% of our focus is on the physical aspects of game play which brings people from all ethnic backgrounds together for a common cause! Our focus is to give our athletes a league of their own, a league that respects our athletes, a league that gives our athletes the opportunity to be able to take care of their families financially for life… A true system of education, entrepreneurship, and the sport of football which teaches our athletes life skills that will serve them well after the final whistle blows on their football careers!




Personal Development

Business Development

Physical Development



A Legacy


Our Reasons

Our Cause

Each year the States Developmental Football League and it's divisions hold weekends geared toward cancer awareness and fundraising for much needed resources. Our mission is to develop impactful, cancer education initiatives for all those who suffer, including addressing the disparities of cancer care faced by those in the African American and Latino communities.

States Developmental

Football League

The States Developmental Football League’s key principals are professional development on and off the field. Our athletes, and staff as a whole will have the opportunity to be prepared in such a way that once the regulation game is over, they will be able to go into over time confident in their business skill-sets. The balance between business principals and professional sports is what will set the S.D.F.L. apart from other leagues that have come and gone in the past

The Women's Division

of The SDFL

A true system of education, entrepreneurship, and the sport of football have never been the focus of a women’s league until now! Welcome to the WSDFL, one of the extensions of the States Developmental Football League with an emphasis on our female counterparts!

All About

The Youth

YSDFL is our youth division of the States Developmental football League! Education, exposure and entrepreneurship are the 3 pillars of this division. Way to often the emphasis is placed on the game itself and not on off the field development. According to the YSDFL those days are over!



The SDFL has a BUILT IN VOLUME SYSTEM of athletes each year that are working towards the NFL. Less than 1% get a shot at the NFL. With our help we increase those chances by alternative avenues of exposure. One of our main avenues is the casting leg of the SDFL. Since league establishment we have had athletes in 8 movies, 3 TV shows, and over 15 TV commercials. By giving the athletes an opportunity to generate income by portraying actual football players in our casting leg, it is easier to sell them as football players to NFL scouts.







The Time Is Now